Welcome to 2015

Welcome all to 2015 which weather wise; in Edinburgh at least, opens with a wet, wild and windy start. Home at 2.00am from an evening with friends to be greeted by two patient Greyhounds awaiting their late night walk, a biscuit and after brushing their teeth they are finally ready to snuggle up by the glowing wood burner; followed shortly thereafter by their owners – although not by the wood burner!

Later this morning we enjoyed a slower start to the day and were whisked back to 1964 with The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night,” filmed in black and white shown on television – happy memories.

That’s the end of another busy year for the Fellowship and we are mindful of the many people we have worked with last year and in particular bereaved families.

We’ve now, thanks to Evonne McLaughlin, re-launched our Facebook and changes to the web site are imminent. The major step forward for the country is the legalisation of same sex marriage, something that was long overdue. And as I write many such marriages have already taken place.

So marry the person you love in Scotland where there’s no discrimination against origins, colour, gender or anything else. All our ceremonies, whether for same and opposite sex couples, are as individual and special as you are – just the way you want it to be. You can change your civil partnership to a wedding administratively but should you choose a ceremony to mark the wonderful occasion we’re glad to help. Have a look at our wedding ceremonies page and speak to one of our celebrants.

January is already a very busy month for us and we look forward to what’s shaping up to be a very busy, exciting and enjoyable year; we hope yours is the same and wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year.