Naming Ceremony

What is a Naming Ceremony?

There are few happier occasions than the arrival of a new baby and it is natural for the parents to want to introduce the new member to their extended family, friends and the wider community.  A Naming Ceremony is the humanist equivalent of a christening and offers the same opportunity to ask named family or friends to have a specific role in supporting the development of the child.

Naming Ceremonies for All Ages

The Humanist Fellowship of Scotland offers a range of Naming Ceremonies recognising the many reasons and times in life when it might be appropriate to celebrate a naming or renaming. Naming Ceremonies are not restricted to new born children, as they can be performed for children of all ages, possibly to welcome an adopted child into the family or on renaming after a marriage.

Later in life, Naming Ceremonies can be created simply to recognise and acknowledge a desire for an individual to be known by a different name.

Any of our Celebrants would be delighted to help.