Membership and The Fellowship

The Fellowship does not have a general membership because this is an outdated ideology that we consider divisive; segregating those who are members and those who are not. We recognise that humanism is concerned with our lives as people in the community of humanity together on this planet. There is more that unites humankind than separates us.

We identify with the continuing evolution of the human species, both mentally and physically. This is not something to be achieved by campaigning and that’s something we don’t do. Nor do we try to enforce humanist beliefs on others. Human endeavour and achievements are to be recognised, appreciated and applauded. The articles written and published in our newsstand within our web site relate to aspects of the human story.

We appreciate that there are those in our community who are involved in humanist and humanitarian work; many are in organisations registered as charities doing sterling work that need support. The Fellowship reaches out to these charities by providing financial support on a regular basis.

In any one year through our ceremonies the Fellowships Celebrants meet and speak to many thousands of people, not just in Scotland but from all over the world.

Our Celebrants are core members working under our Constitution; promoting humanist and humanitarian causes. We have international links, from Afghanistan to South Africa and beyond.

We are always delighted to hear of stories about people from all over the world and the fantastic work they do. A good example of this was this week’s BBC television programme about Sreepur Village, a shelter for abandoned women and children, established by a former British Airways stewardess Pat Kerr, which has just celebrated its 20th birthday.