An Inspiration to All

Stephen Sutton has hit headlines all over the world in the past few weeks.  Tragically diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer, the 19-year old has poured his focus and energy on a list of 46 things he wants to do in his near future– his bucket list.

One of the most notable goals is to raise £10,000 for The Teenage Cancer Trust via the activities he is taking part in – a goal which Stephen has now long surpassed.

Whilst completing tasks such as skydiving, getting a tattoo and organising a flash mob, Stephen has raised awareness for his condition and has been documenting his journey via a blog on his Facebook page.  The page has captured the heart of the nation as well as support from many celebrities such as Piers Morgan, and comedians, Jimmy Carr and Jason Manford.

Stephen’s page has now attracted over 350,000 followers and the teenager uses the platform to update his fans on his condition as well as promoting fundraising events and sharing his positivity with motivational quotes.

Last week, Stephens condition took a turn for the worse and fearing the end was near, he posted a heart-breaking farewell message to his fans. But in a “most bizarre but fortune twist in the tale”, Stephen has reported that his condition has improved after coughing up a tumour.

Whilst good news, there is no guarantee of how long Stephen will remain stable.  But in his journey so far he has inspired thousands of people across the world with his positivity and passion for life and he himself has noted that he has achieved more than most would in a lifetime.

As it stands today, Stephen’s fundraising page has recorded over £3million in donations and poignantly states: “This is not a sob story, this is Stephen’s Story”.

A young man who is an inspiration to all.

Evonne McLaughlin