Interment or Scattering of Ashes

The Scattering or Interment of Ashes is not a new concept – it is one of mankind’s earliest Funeral Traditions. Combined with a Ceremony, celebrating a life, Scattering or Interment of Ashes was and remains one of the most popular ways of acknowledging the passing of a family member or friend.

Taking the ashes of a loved one to a special place to be interred or scattered is significant, not only to possibly fulfill the wishes of the deceased, but to offer a place of commemoration for the bereaved.

Knowing that a loved one is where he or she would like to remain, is a comfort.

Ceremony of Celebration

The Humanist Fellowship of Scotland works with families to advise and create a ceremony of celebration, and to deliver it at the preferred location, be that half way up a hill, on the shore, at a loch side or in a woodland.

Please contact one of our Celebrants to discuss your requirements

Note: When arranging a Scattering of Ashes it may be necessary to obtain any necessary permission from land owners.