Humanist Funeral Ceremonies

Photo of a heart drawn in sand on a beach - HFOFS funeral ceremonies page

Commemoration of Life

Dedicated to the person who has passed, Humanist Fellowship of Scotland funeral ceremonies are an uplifting commemoration of the life of someone who was cherished.
Our humanist funeral ceremonies; inclusive in nature, respect and recognise the life of the individual and provide the opportunity to remember that each of us is unique with our own gifts, leading a life of special interest and value.

We welcome and embrace everyone, recognising that we are all united by our common humanity, love of life and sadness when a loved one dies. While secular (non-religious) in nature, our ceremonies include a period of reflection when people of all faiths will have the opportunity for silent prayer.

Personal Tributes

In discussion with you, we find the right way for you to remember and say goodbye to the person dear to you. We hear about their life and prepare a personal tribute that is delivered as part of the funeral ceremony and which may include personal thoughts and readings read by or on behalf of members of the family or friends. You may like to read some testimonials from funeral ceremonies here.

Book of Condolences

As part of the funeral ceremony we are able to set up an on-line book of condolences where friends and family can add memories and tributes… after a few weeks we will gather these together for the family.

In Memoriam

Humanist Fellowship of Scotland are able to offer a permanent tribute to your loved one In Memoriam.

Interment or Scattering of Ashes

Interment or Scattering of Ashes is also offered.

In-life Funeral Ceremony Preparation

We also offer In-life Funeral Ceremony Preparation – this can be a welcome opportunity when facing terminal illness. We will be glad to discuss this preparation with you, should you wish to create the humanist funeral ceremony of your choosing.