Gerrie Douglas Scott

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Celebrating love and life in personalised ceremonies is the most amazing and rewarding ‘work’ that I have ever done.

I’ve been a Celebrant for over 14 years and conducted many hundreds of ceremonies, probably around 1500 actually.


Helping couples to celebrate their love in the way that means most to them means I am overjoyed. Have a look at lots of photos, fun and information on my little simple website

There are lots of ideas and photos for fun and inspiration in my Facebook Page too


I speak advanced Spanish and passable French and Italian which comes in handy in ceremonies quite often.

I managed to escape working at the Scottish Executive where I advised the Health Minister on ‘involving people’. I am now a consultant on the same topic, which means I can have a posh freelance job title (lol) and be flexible to do what I really want to do – celebrate life and love!

What humanism means to me

Being human and all that that means – caring, compassionate, listening, spiritual connection, sharing, being as kind to the earth as I can be, truly embracing diversity and ‘difference’, challenging barriers to inclusion

My approach to weddings

Whatever works best for you! I send samples of real weddings on request, ones where couples have said they would be happy to share their vows and words. We meet to get to know each other a bit and discuss and decide what you would like. I send you a ‘menu’ of ideas and thoughts for readings and vows and more.  From your choices I can draft your ceremony. Often people like to come for a run through at the same time that we meet. The main thing is that your ceremony is about YOU and what love means to YOU two and I hope I can help you to have the ceremony that reflects your love and relationship and commitment.

Your Ceremony, Your Way, Your Day – That is what a humanist wedding means to me.

What People Have Said About My Weddings:

We wanted to send sincere thanks for conducting our ceremony.  Everyone has commented on how personal and meaningful it was.  Everyone wore a smile!!  It was so relaxed, even when our youngest was running round the room with ‘bunny’ and an order of service in her mouth!

Nicola and Alan 2nd January 2015, Lochside House Hotel New Cumnock.


We honestly can’t thank you enough for conducting our marriage ceremony on Saturday! Everyone commented on how relaxed, personal & funny it was. I know a lot of them would now consider a Humanist Ceremony, and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who wasn’t present!   Sam and Andrew The Lighthouse Glasgow 12th December 2015


Can’t believe its been just over a year since we had the most beautiful day with Gerrie at St Andrews In The Square. Thank you for being the most amazing person in the world!

Neil and Christopher November 2014 St Andrew’s on the Square Glasgow

Naming Ceremonies

Welcome wee one into the world…..

I love helping parents and significant others choose what they want to say to their child or young person in their family. It’s not just about ‘naming’ to me, it’s about welcoming and preparing the ground where the young person or baby will live. I like to leave the words for the little one so that they can read it in the future and know just how much they are loved and welcomed.  Your name is such an important part of our identity, our history and our culture.


Conducting funerals is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. To be there for people, to really listen and try to understand how I can do my part to remember their loved one’s life. I believe everyone has the right to be remembered, even celebrated, no matter what they have chosen as their life’s path.

When people say ‘it’s like you knew her’ or ‘He would have loved that’, then I feel that I have done the best I can do to let the healing begin.

More and more I am working with people to plan their own funeral ceremony.  This is amazing work and feel so privileged to go to people’s houses and hospices to work with them.  I am also a qualified counsellor so very experienced in grief issues and end of life issues.  It is my privilege to sit with people who have no one else when death is near.

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