A 3P Wedding

I conducted a fabulous wedding earlier this month, with a lovely couple and their young son at their home out in the country. Both bride and groom wanted a very casual ceremony, with only their witnesses and their son in attendance. The witnesses, old family friends were both going to be multi-tasking, conducting readings and acting as photographers, as well as their official duties, whereas their young son was to play the part of ring bearer. The wedding was held in the lounge, with the rolling countryside filling the view through the glass wall.

The wedding started only slightly late, the bride was also managing the music as well as everything else, and we were just about five minutes in when the we lad said “ I need a pee”. We stopped, all laughed and once he was feeling better, carried on.

I was just about to start talking about our thoughts on marriage when I realised the bride was looking distractedly at something behind me. Next door’s Tom cat was busy settling into the flower border and it was quite obvious he was as desperate as the young lad had been – but not for a pee. As the cat was directly in camera shot we adjourned again.

Finally after the cat had completed his ablutions, we returned to the ceremony. Just as we had completed the vows……the doorbell rang. The bride and groom weren’t expecting any callers, so ignored it. Thirty seconds later the Postie wandered round to the back of the house, peered in the window, realised what was happening and beat a hasty retreat from view!

So there you have it, a 3p wedding, a pee, a poo and a postie!

Graham Duff